Video 3

The cities were all one, if I remember while passing by

Stills and description of the bike ride in Hamburg from : Jana Schuldt

Walkers / images ( based on Hamburg material) :

Danae Baert
Nele Allewaert

Oslo :
Walkers / images ( based on Hamburg material) :

Thea Marie Dolva
Marit Letnes

Rio de Janeiro ;
Text ; Caricia (about a moment while passing by the street Voluntarios da Patria, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro) : Carla Böhler

Curitiba (Brazil)
Walkers /images (based on Carla Böhler material) :

Carmen Jorge
Vivian Mortean

Fukushima (Japan)
Walker /images (based on Carla Böhler material) :
Ai Kawano

Napoli (Italy)
Images (video from personal mapping) :

Celina Davila
Giorgio Cossu

Walkers / Stills (based on Carla Böhler material) /images (based on Carla Böhler material) :

Celina Davila
Giorgio Cossu

Audio : Collaboration of Marcelo Vourakis with theme based on street sounds of Sao Paulo.

Fragments of the text ’ Invisible Cities’ by Italo Calvino
Voices :
Laura-Kate Jennings
Michele Louise Schiocchet

The space
Printed images ; stills from the screen and room

Napoli : Celina Davila e Giorgio Cossu
Lebanon : Leonardo Augusto Schiocchet
Hamburg : Jana Schuldt
Sao Paulo : Fabricio Muriana
Berlin : Fabio Kinas
Curitiba : Carmen Jorge, Vivian Mortean
All the extra images are from Michele Louise Schiocchet apart from cities maps.

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