The DH 2.3, featuring the work of talented designer and illustrator, Shawn O’Keefe. Hailing from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, O’Keefe possesses a history of screen-printing mastery, love for graffiti and a passion for fine art. Shawn’s’ graphics showcase his truly original style.

Driven by design and music, O’Keefe is living out his dream as he continues to pursue new ground as a painter, working both as a solo artist and as a founding member of the Woodpile Collective. Check out the video and bio to learn more about Shawn O’Keefe.

Only 345 DH 2.3 boards were made! Get one before it’s too late! Take a look at authorized retailers near you.

Each DH2 board in the series features the distinctive work of influential artists as well as Ride's most innovative board technologies. To view the DH 2.1 by Michael J. Zepeda III and the DH 2.2 by Art Chantry, please visit our DH2 Limited page.

The DH2 series features Ride's new LowRize™ rocker profile with LowRize™ specific sidecut, built to lock in landings and eliminate hook. This twin also combines our exclusive Membrain® top sheet, Pop Stixs™ and 85A Slimewalls® for a one-of-a-kind freestyle Ride that’s ideal for going big.

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