Next Wave Europe presents Fressnapf Dogmap for Fressnapf Hungary Marketing Department

There is a dog in around 20-30% of all European households as opposed to the Hungarian average of close to 50%. In Budapest there is one dog per every 4 resident. There are only estimates as to the exact number of dogs, according to which there are 1.8 million dogs in Hungary.

With so many dogs and dog owners around, it is crucial to know about services and establishments that accomodate these pets. So Fressnapf decided to make a “Dogmap” of Hungary which lists places that receive dogs such as dog parks, pet beauticians, pet pharmacies, vets, dog-friendly restaurants and hotels and Fressnapf stores.

How does it work?

Anyone can upload dog-friendly places with a few clicks. It’s location specific too. All you need to do is to give the name of the dog friendly spot, choose the category and give the address manually or with the help of the placeholder. There is option of uploading reviews and pics.

The application that launched in April has been used by tens of thousands of people and the community uploaded hundreds of dog friendly spots. Within a short time our application could boast of the biggest dog friendly database in Hungary!

Seeing the success of the Dogmap app, we made it available on mobile devices as well, it was added to the Fressnapf mobile app developed for Android and iOS devices.

360 degree marketing

To achieve maximum marketing ROI we extended the idea even further in the summer of 2013: every Fressnapf customer got a “Fressnapf Dogfriendly Spot” sticker that they could then stick to places that welcome dogs.


We handed out 50 000 stickers, the campaign posts on Facebook were seen by 850 000 people and liked by 2300 people. Fressnapf’s Facebook community has over 250 000 members.

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