"Your Eyes" - Original Song
Keys/Synths by Gemini Jay (Vonn Love)
Guitar by Mark J. Campayno

This was a surprise collaboration. Gemini and I met on ReverbNation. We began to talk a bit and Gemini suggested that we do a collaboration together. That was an easy "yes" on my part. We both had the same musical preferences and agreed that it would be cool to try something out.

He sent me a track and immediately I just knew. I set things up and used the title he had given the piece as the inspiration for the melodic sequences I recorded. I think I did two passes through the track and was happy. I come up with the main melody very quickly and bounced around that idea for the rest of the track.

The finished product came fairly quickly. Believe me, it's very easy when the music is inspiring. Gemini's ability to combine soul, funk, and jazz is incredible. Moreover, the beats he creates underneath are perfectly suited to what I prefer to play over. Therefore, it was like drinking water to complete what I hope was his original intention.

I"m sure we will work on more music together soon as this was a great and magical meeting. Plus, I find out that he is not far from me so who knows, someday we hit the stage and jam it up!

Thank you,

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