Still playing with the BMCC at the moment but I continue to be mesmerised by the image - hence yet more spider-webs. Getting a feel for the exposure is the goal at the moment - i.e. knowing what I see on the screen, even with the zebra's, is going to be OK. I think, at the moment, given a history of DSLR shooting and the relatively fragile nature of their highly compressed image, I'm finding it hard to expose to the right - even thought I know that's the right way to go. 10bit ProRes HQ though...Is like a playground. And as for the raw...Don't get me started!

All footage shot on the BlackMagic Cinema Camera (EF Mount)
Lens : Canon 24-70L
Grading : Magic Bullet looks (Saturation, curves, vignette and pop!)

Music : "Morning Mist" by Podington Bear ( (Creative Commons)

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