Beyond This Place is an independent short length documentary about the changing role of the nine Historically African American Fraternities and Sororities. Beyond This Place attempts to examine the past and contemporary history of BGLOs from the perspectives of their own members, while answering the question “How have Black Greek Letter Organizations changed in the 21st Century?”

There have been a lot of things going on over the last few years since I launched the Beyond This Place © project. This project has taken me all across the country. I've learned how to tell better stories. Become a better videographer. For the first time, I feel my skill set is finally matching my vision and it feels empowering.

The redesign of this website and promo video was prompted by two things: friends, family, mentors and supporters who want to see the project further developed and my new found motivation to create something powerful. I've been thinking about how to approach this project in the upcoming months and have decided to focus on creating the first volume of a documentary film series. I felt that a documentary would provide a better platform to talk about the historical significance and contemporary challenges of Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs). I've had the benefit of having an excellent support system since I created the project in 2008. Mentors have challenged me to "put something out" so that I'm not working on this project for the next 20 years. Of course, I want it to be perfect. It's my baby. I've even created my ultimate production budget of about $120,000. Along with my lofty fundraising goal, I've made it my business to set new expectations for myself.

This video kicks off my awareness campaign for the Beyond This Place © film. Over the next few months I plan to reach out to individual sponsors, apply for various filmmaking grant opportunities and will begin soliciting support of potential supporters via crowd funding campaigns. Please feel free to follow my progress by checking out the redesigned and following me on social media.

Thank You!

Jarrad Henderson
Producer | Co-Director

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