A time lapse video of the debut installation of Tanya Dyhin's experiential lighting project 'Phenomenology (Full Spectrum Healing)' at Firstdraft Gallery, Surry Hills NSW, Australia.

Installing the work took 39 hours over three days and would not have been possible without the help and support of Laurence, Valentina, Ben and Mick.

Soundtrack: Maya Jane Coles - Humming Bird

Phenomenology (Full Spectrum Healing) is an experiential installation of 700 balls of light, emitting electromagnetic radiation at specific wavelengths within the visible spectrum. The work explores ideas of chromatherapy and the effect of specific vibrations of energy on the human body. It connects these ideas with ancient eastern philosophies linking these wavelengths to seven energy centres within the human body. This project explores a meeting place between quantitative research and unquantifiable human experience.

The installation is made up of 700 RGB LEDs which sit within handmade papier mâché lamps. These balls of light are connected to arduino microcontrollers, programmed to osculate between key wavelengths in each colour range. Within the installation exists an anatomical glass heart, which forms a symbolic representation of the central energy centre, and provides the audience with a link to the conceptual framework of the project.

Exhibition dates:
September 25 - October 12 2013
Firstdraft Gallery
16-18 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW


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