Mashed in Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup Video Album
Presented by 1086 Productions

An 18-track mashup compilation mixed together into a seamless audio - and now visual - collection

01. the voice of love is crying : COLATRON
02. blue rigby : WAX AUDIO
03. twin hearts : COLATRON
04. heaven’s drive-in : PHIL RETROSPECTOR
05. tori’s deranged : WAX AUDIO
06. something stupid this way comes : G3RSt
07. i’ll be there in twin peaks : COLATRON
08. the pink jack : WAX AUDIO
09. lauren’s opus : THE REBORN IDENTITY
10. frank’s here : THE WHO BOYS
11. the elephant connection : THE REBORN IDENTITY
12. i’ve told every little pumpkin : TOTOM
13. violent at heart : THE REBORN IDENTITY
14. don’t go all wicked on me : NEILTOMO
15. eraserhead serenade : RIAA
16. velvet dreams : VOICEDUDE
17. in my twin life : PHIL RETROSPECTOR
18. this is David Lynch : NEILTOMO

crying for us and them: PHIL RETROSPECTOR
Additional audio production by WAX AUDIO

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Video by The Reborn Identity

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