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Karl E-Landler is an Actor with Parkour and Gymnastic abilities. First he was Involved in dogma movies in the Jean Marc Barr's Productions as a drama actor. In addition to his acting and because of his skills, He started as a action talent in the Luc Besson's Productions as well and work numeros time with him. These skills have allowed him to work with Olivier Megaton and Jason Statham (Tranporter 3) and the most famous French free runners, such as David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli (District 13).
After numerous prestigious worldwide advertisements such as Shiseido's Zen parfum shot by Jean Paul Goude, Tag Heuer shot by Pierre Morel, the WII's red steel 2 video game and more, Karl starred in the Tv movie "Les Fauves" as a crafty undercover cop infiltrating an organized crime unit.
Real sens of humour He is currently shooting the new Patrick Bossard comedy "Macadam baby".
Karl will be in theatre in not less than 4 movies this years.
More projects are coming...
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