From the series "Jealousy of Clouds"

Jealousy of Clouds

Jealousy of Clouds is a series of photography and video about desiring the unobtainable. Clouds are impermanent, beautiful companions that no one may truly posses. They travel the sky, changing from moment to moment, dissipating and reconstituting. They change from billowy white to brilliant orange to darkened shades of gray. Their very forms end and begin again, always. They rain down on us, hover close to land, positioned as perfect in the blue sky.

It was in 1996 that I purchased “Peace is Every Step,” by Thich Nhat Hanh, a book about every day mindfulness by a Vietnamese Buddhist monk. One of the last chapters contains the story of about a river who longed to posses a cloud - to have it all to herself. But not being able to posses a cloud made the river angry and desperate, and very sad. In her anger she became sick and could not realize her own beauty.

One day when the sky was empty of clouds the river longed for their return. She grew even more sad and depressed. Fortunately the river eventually realized that what she was looking for was already in her. She was water. The clouds were water. And they both shared the blue sky, together. She realized there is nothing to chase after. The clouds can come and go and the sky will remain.

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