The Sweat Everyday Active Balanced Adventure series features co-founder Sacha Simmons as she travels across the country with the Millennial Trains Project (MTP). MTP is a non-profit organization that leads crowd-funded transcontinental train journeys that empower diverse groups of enterprising and civic-minded Millennials to explore America's new frontiers.

Sacha's project focuses on discovering how everyday people are living active and balanced lifestyles outside of the traditional gym. Instead of using food/cooking as a theme for a travel show (how typical!), fitness and wellness is our lens for exploring the world.

The first Active Balanced Adventure series ends in Pittsburgh, PA. Sacha and April are reunited for the day! First, April leads a group workout for some members of the MTP team, which is very much needed after all the long hours on the train. Next, Sacha and April head to South Hills Power Yoga in Dormont ( There, they interview the owner Stacey Vespaziani and Darcy Lyle, one of the instructors. The heated Power Yoga session gets very sweaty, and everyone has a wonderful time.

In Pittsburgh, Sacha also meets Matthew Stanton and Hahna Alexander of Sole Power ( SolePower is an energy harvesting startup that has developed a power generating shoe insert that charges small portable electronics like cell phones on-the-go.

starts off the day with a run through the city, down to the lakefront which is full of people biking, walking and exercising in the fresh air. She celebrates the anniversary of India's Independence with a close friend, who leads Sacha in a walking meditation practice. Then Sacha heads to Fulton Fit House ( for an extremely challenging (but FUN) workout.

What is your favorite place to sweat in Pittsburgh? Have you ever tried hot yoga? Is there a growing yoga community in your city?

We want to hear how YOU are living the Sweat Everyday Active Balanced Lifestyle, so please share your stories with us. Email your favorite SEABLE activities to your, follow Sweat Everyday, LLC on Facebook and tag your Instagram pictures @sweateveryday. We are so excited to grow our Sweat Everyday community, thank you for being a part of it!

Happy sweating!
~April & Sacha

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