/ This is the first track made by SDK Sound, a project based in Italy (Naples & Rome). The video was filmed with just one GoPro during a 21 days holiday in Sardinia (Italy), mostly in Baja Turchese (with its awesome people), Porto Pollo, Valle della Luna, Capo Testa, Porto Istana and Le Saline Beach.


/ SDK Sound are: Gabriele Di Tella & Roberto Niro
/ Piano Fills: Sergio Colicchio
/ Guest Vocals: Stefano Monti

/ Video shooting & editing: Gabriele Di Tella



// Lyrics:

Here we go
And over there

Maybe it's just too late
For many people

Four heads here
Have forgotten everything
Underneath a timeless sky
Full of stars

A magical unknown landscape

Single words
Too many thougths
Tears never heard
(have been left behind summer)

This time
It's just us
Having fun
From dawn to dusk

Your pain runs away

Long nights
Many sights
It's a paradise
I sip my Martini Dry
Surronded by bright lights
And white smoke
And we're rocking high
Still feeling fine
'Cause I've got music and your smile

And now I see the sunrise
Through your eyes

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