A wealth of data over the past two decades has shown that engaged employees are safer, more productive, and more committed to the organisation’s vision and mission. Leadership, particularly at the frontline supervisor level, plays an indispensable role in influencing employee engagement, but is not something the supervisor can do from their office - it requires involvement with employees where the work happens.

In our experience working with clients, there are five supervisor safety activities that enable an environment for open discussion of risk on the job, in which employees are involved in the exposure mitigation process and have a direct ownership in their own and their team’s safety.

In this webinar we discuss:
• How to engage employees in safety
• The five critical safety activities supervisors can leverage for engagement
• The difference between doing these activities effectively and ineffectively

During this webinar, Senior Consultants Filip Coumans and Jos Creemers introduce five supervisor safety activities that when demonstrated consistently and effectively, improve employee engagement.

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