September 29, 2013
Ninth & O Baptist Church in Louisville, KY -

Series -- It Starts at Home
Title -- How is Your Communication?

Song of Solomon 1:9-14

1.) Three Preliminary Observations:
- Communication is both verbal and non-verbal.
- Communication is contextual.
- Communication is relational and personal.

2.) Communication in Marriage Involves a Loving Affirmation: Do you affirm the great worth and value of
your spouse by your actions, words, and attitude?

3.) Communication in Marriage Involves a Loving Demonstration: Do your actions demonstrate a desire to
bless your spouse?

4.) Communication in Marriage Shows a Loving Appreciation: Do you display an attitude that shows
appreciation to your spouse?

5.) Communication in Marriage Conveys a Loving Admiration: Do communicate admiration of your spouse
to your spouse and others?
- Definitions of “admiration”
a.) noun: a feeling of delighted approval and liking
b.) noun: the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising

6.) Communication in Marriage Expresses a Loving Occupation: Do loving thoughts about your spouse
occupy your mind?

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