PARENTAL WARNING: Please watch this first and decide if your child is old enough to hear this earthy tale. WATCH FIRST MY INTRODUCTION to the story:
I am an Australian storyteller with a fascination with folktales and stories of the feminine. Long before Charles Perrault wrote down "La Petit Chaperone Rouge" which became known as "Little Red Cap" and then "Little Red Riding Hood", there was a far richer tale told by oral storytellers in France called 'The Grandmother's Tale' or 'Le Histoire du Grandmere'. It is the story of a grandmother who meets her maker and a young woman who meets a werewolf.

This is the way I tell it and I warn you, it is grisly.

I found the story via a wonderful article The Path of Needles or Pins:
Little Red Riding Hood by Terri Windling

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