Inspired by Lawrence Krauss’ quote “you are all stardust”, I used stardust as a metaphor for interconnectedness. I created an interactive installation that through the playful situation of tag, participants can pass the stardust (that is projected on the body) to each other, exploring the system and the physical boundaries between them, focusing on enchantment, play and presence.

Stardust is a MA student project made for my Master's in Design degree at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Sound Design: Rafael Mesa Zamudio
Made with openFrameworks.

Research and inspiration from Loïe Fuller's "La Danse Serpentine", Chris Sugrue's "Delicate Boundaries", Memo Akten's "Gold" and Professor Lawrence Krauss.

Thanks to: Lise Hansen, Peter Hellicar, Joel Gethin Lewis, my friends and tutors at Khio and the openFrameworks community.

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