From end of March to May the traditional Dutch three master sailing schooner, The Oosterschelde (1918) crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Santos (Brazil) towards Cape Town (South-Africa).

This journey is part of a sailing trip around the world from Rotterdam to Rotterdam and finished in May 2014.
A fantastic and challenging trip, following the historical Dutch VOC-route during the Golden Age by the Dutch.
Days with storms (10 bft), sunshine, water, water, and ... water.

Highlight of the trip is the most remote island in the world, Tristan da Cunha. A small volcanic island in the middle of 6000 kilometers of ocean. Unfortunately, due to bad weather and high waves, the local authorities of the island didn't authorize coming on land, so the crew and guests had to continue their trip with solid ground under their feet.

Special reporter Ernst Daniel Nijboer filmed daily life at the Oosterschelde for over a month.
His report....

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