Lights, Camera, FemAction is seeking to achieve lasting change. To do so, we believe it is important to address discrimination against women, promote gender equality, and help move towards more nonviolent cultural norms. We believe everyone deserves to be treated equally, no matter what their gender. We believe it’s time for men and women to work together to end gender-based violence. And we believe film audiences deserve to know the contents of the film before they purchase it. Similar to listing the ingredients in food so you can avoid allergens or GMOs, we want to empower filmgoers with information about what they’re about to consume.

Utilizing an app, website, social media, documentary film and direct advocacy we will focus on three things:

1. Educate the viewing audience about the lack of women in front of—and behind—the camera and the impact of depicting gender-based violence as a form of entertainment.
2. Collect data about which films have gender equality and which are depicting gender-based violence via the Get Reel app, which will allow viewers to self-report when they see it
3. Demand change through a feature-length documentary and direct advocacy with filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, and film festival executives.

Lights, Camera, FemAction is a transmedia social movement. It begins with the Get Reel mobile app and will grow into the premiere, online destination for women in film and media around the world. Get Informed. Get Empowered. Get Reel.


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