Aunty Jean Barr Crombie was born in the Simpson Desert and has lived most of her life in Birdsville.

When she was a child she and her family moved around to different stations, depending on where her father had work.

When I asked her if she had an object that was special to her - something that told a story about Australia, she showed me her Dad's water jug.

She says back then it was a special piece to have in a home. It was hard to get hold of 'things' and it had many purposes. Jean recalls her Dad using it in the garden, but also to bring water inside from the bigger water tank.

In Birdsville the water supply comes from the Great Artesian Basin. It comes to the surface at 100 degrees so let had to let it cool before they brought it inside to drink.

I hope you enjoy this piece about Aunty Jean's Dad's special jug.

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