part of my foxhound series, These first couple of sculpts are about me exploring the characters and the forms I like before moving onto the next session of refining and detailing. These are based off of characters from the classic Metal Gear Solid series. Because these havent been fleshed out in 3d too much it allows me to put my own spin on it and have a bit of fun. Im going to try and document these aswell so to give a larger insight into my workflow :) the sessions are about an hour long, made during lunch breaks or early starts :)

Vulcan Raven part 1

I start off with my base mesh which has been slowly evolving project to project. I might find little flaws now and then that need rectifying and it makes the sculpting process that little bit nicer when you dont have to worry about bad topology or poles destroying your workflow.

I didnt use any ref on this one as I was using my slate, and just used some shots of vulcan raven from MGS1 and the illustrations. I try to work very low and only go up when needed, concentrating on the forms and the overall look Im going for. I often get asked about brushes that I use, main thing at this stage is to move elements around quickly with the move brush, I also use the standard brush to knock in quick forms and then for all the subtle forms underneath the skin I use the inflate brush, now and then I might use the clay brush aswell if Ive got a spot thats pinching too mcuh. Mostly though its all about the smooth brush. When you study likenesses or faces you soon find out that theres not much cutting in going on and even in places like the laughing lines, its actually really quite smooth and subtle, usually only viewable from certain angles. This helps push the realism as you go as you are concentrating on underlying structures and portraying the smoothness of the face.

At the moment hes looking ok but in the next video I try some refinements and try pushing the features a bit more, right now he isnt throwing the alaskan jaunt that I want. Hes a bit too boney and I think the features need to go a bit more doughey. The next video is rather short but the one after that is where it should all come together, I'll get some ref and really push the forms before detailing.

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