First post on Vimeo.
I did a test with the Canon 7D & 15-85 mm kitlens.
There was a nice sunshine so i made some shots in my garden.

Most shots are at 85 mm which is hard to keep stable just by holding the camera.
So I 'stabilized' the camera with the cameracord on my neck and a mini Velbon tripod leaning against my body.

Aperture: Open
ISO: 320
Audio: built in mic
Soundtrack: Sola Sistem - Underworld
Shot: 1080p25
Edited: 1080P25 ProRes
Graded: Color

Most of my experience is in Photography and compositing/video-editing/audio production so shooting video with DSLR's is a logical next step to explore.

Altough this is a quick test shoot, any comments are appreciated!

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