This one starts with my female base mesh, all very ugly at the start haha. This is just my male base mesh but sculpted out a bit in previous projects.

I started looking at ukrainian/russian actresses to get a feel on her nationality, I decided on Olga Kurylenko but it soon became apparent that she did not fit the character. Her features were too soft and vulnerable looking, she also came out too pretty. So about half way through I started to switch it up a bit and add some trademark sniper wolf features. I didnt want her too sexy looking, as although she is quite flirtatious she is also a hard ass so Ive tried to pull it back a bit, show that she has a military background and that thats her first port of call. So I tried for the pointey nose, quite squared and defined jawline, slightly pointey chin, flat brow and sultry eyes. Its important to get some sort of pupil in at an earlyish stage so you can really see how the eye shape will react. On female models this is very important and most of the time here is playing with forms. Like I do with my male characters I try to stay away from cuts and let the forms carry the piece. Just because a female face isnt as chiseled as a males doesnt mean its easier, the art of subtlety soon comes into play and getting those landmarks in is really trickey. Deciding on cheek bones and how you want the lips to look are very difficuly to get right. I try to work with the inflate brush alot as it allows you to build up really subtle details and emphasise areas with ease and very little smoothing out afterwards. I keep my subdivisions low to avoid smoothing issues and things looking overworked, and am constantly thinking of the skull structure underneath and how the muscles/fat deposits are distributed.

I get asked alot by lecturers about how to put character into your sculpts, and I think the real secret is to overthink what you are working on, make reasons behind every little detail, little personal touches here and there, if you want your character to look hardened then play with the features, think of what you want the viewer to think when they see the model. Alot of this will focus around the eyes but the whole face is a blank canvas for you to play with, even simple things lke jawlines can affect the way people percieve their personalities. Often people wont see the design choices youve made and that in fact is a really good thing, that they are there, but not overpowering the piece.

In her next video I will start adding the hair and adjusting the face a bit more once its altogether. Again this is only first pass and is me exploring the shapes and deciding on a direction.

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