Visit the Scottish Parliament website to add your name to the petition:

For centuries, eagles have been included on company logos and clan badges. They feature in place names, poetry and on ancient burial sites. Soaring majestically above the treetops, they capture the spirit of Scotland.

But they could, and should, be more common.

We need to strengthen our efforts to protect these birds – spotting an eagle shouldn’t be a once in a lifetime experience.

We have launched a petition calling for the Scottish Government to officially recognise the golden eagle as Scotland's national bird.

You can show your support by adding your name to the petition. You’ll join renowned wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan in doing so.

2013 is the Year of Natural Scotland – a year where the Scottish Government is celebrating our natural heritage. This should leave a meaningful legacy for our wildlife. What better legacy than formally designating the golden eagle as a symbol of Scotland?

This would recognise the place eagles have in our culture, show our commitment to preserving these beautiful creatures and help increase their numbers above the current artificially low levels due to illegal persecution.

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