This was a trailer shot to advertise Riot To Follow's production of Patrick Hamilton's Rope.

Executive Producers:
Mark Alford
Baylie Freeman

Nathan Chinn

Assistant Director:
Corey Doerscher

Production Coordinator:
Helen Dzuiba

Ronald Kentley- Patick Gilmore
Voice of Wyndham Brandon- Sebastian Lasbo
Voice of Marina Cadel- Maggie McDougal

Props Master:
Akasha Atheron

Make-up Artist:
Ariana Throne

Costume Designer:
Erika Torres

Chief Lighting Technicians:
Mary McCormick
James Alexander Born August 18th, 1987 Blood Type A- Enns

Nathan Chinn

Special Thanks To:
Loie Russell-Templeton, Medialoan and APS, Shannon Stewart, Catherine Burkett, the employees of the Com building, Matt Lawrence, Dennis and all of the other helpers at the Scene and Costume shops, the cast and crew of Rope, Claire Webber (The Fungineer), James Alexander Enns born august 18th, 1987 (blood type A- and son of Marcia [blood type O-] and Frederick Enns), Laurie Meeker, and anyone else who at any point in this stressful endeavor gave their support- thanks, I needed it.

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