As an artist I have found some solutions to problems that Engineers and politicians do not seem to see.

One problem is that there is resistance to offshore wind farms because people can see them, as they have to be in shallow water.
Wind Turbines which float have difficulty staying upright.
A solution to this is to build bridge like structures on rigs. Even in the roughest seas they would still be stable.
The UK would need 12,000 offshore turbines to produce enough electricity for the whole country. This would cost about £160Bn. About the cost of the National Health Service for 1 year. It would pay for itself in 10 years. Some of the electricity could be exported.
As an Artist I am not in a position to follow this idea through the years of lobbying and getting engineering companies to take it on.
So here, I am just interested in putting the idea out there for free. In the hope that some of it will filter through.

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