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This is Splitplay's Online video pitch for the Startup Chile program.

Splitplay sells and markets PC Indie Games for the Latin America market.
We want to avail the growing gaming market in Latin America and increased demand of indie games here. We focus primarily in selling and promoting quality PC Indie Games mainly to the LA community but also worldwide.

There are two problems delaying the growth of this market in LA. The first is government support and the second is lack of distribution. We are working to fix the later.

Everyone loves indie games for their originality, personality and the passion put into making them, our market here for digital indie games is over 50 million players spending almost 3 billion dollars per year. However, too many PC Indie Game Developers still have trouble getting their great games out there in the market and showcasing them in an effective way.

So, that's why we're giving the best Indie Games a beautiful new home. And that is SplitPlay.

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