2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting
Steve Metz
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A brief look at the history of Ultrasound systems and imaging and a look into the future driven
by miniaturization and advances in system electronics and imaging systems.
The promise of ubiquitous Ultrasound is fast approaching. Advanced in analog and digital
hardware as well as the miniaturization of computer and embedded systems is allowing
manufacturers to produce compact Ultrasound systems with solid imaging performance.
This talk will look at the history of ultrasound and what advances in systems and software are
driving the use of ultrasound in new environments and what issues are related to workflow and
simplification of the ultrasound exam.
Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding of the history of Ultrasound in the current age.
2. Understanding how miniaturization and new advances are making Ultrasound available
in new clinical area.
3. Understand issues related to operator independence and workflow issues to simplify the
Ultrasound exam.

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