Commissioned by Discovery Channel to develop 2 important channel Idents. We enjoyed a lot this 3d beautfill close-ups and the finest animation and composition for this project. We had to find ideas to form the Discovery logo sphear in 15 secs and tell a show the concepts of Technology & Optical Illusions. The second Id sadly was not launched on-air, because it was to abstract for the channel actual looking, anyway we share it with you too ;-)

In Technology ID the wires are plugged and powerful techno-mechanisms and 1.000 Watts of light power turns on this technologic sphere ball machine!

In Optical Illusions the main concept was to play with glass and infinite clones of lenses that forms a tunnel to go in and out at the same time. Finally we end in a nodal geosphere that conforms the logo.

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Produced for Discovery Channel Latin America / Client: Discovery Channel Latin America

Original idea, Art & Concept directors: Ignacio Sandoval, Dalmiro Buigues
Head of Creative Services: Antonio Rojas

Lead 3d developers (modeling, animation, lighting, rendering): Dalmiro Buigues, Ignacio Sandoval
Compositors: Dalmiro Buigues, Ignacio Sandoval
3d Designer & Concepts: Dalmiro Buigues, Nicolas Gloazzo, Ignacio Sandoval

At Discovery Channel Latin America

Art & Concept Direction, Head of Creative Services: Antonio Rojas

Audio Track for Id Technology developed by Discovery Channel Latin America
Audio Track for Id Optical Illusions developed by Facil Music


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