A message from the Planning Committee
By Tami Farber
Director of Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, and Education YMCA Snohomish County
Tonight we come together in recognition and honor of a time in our history where an estimated quarter of a million people stood in solidarity towards racial and economic justice. A time where the words of Dr. Martin Luther King penetrated through the hearts and souls of many reminding us now is a time to rise from darkness into justice, a time for brother/sisterhood, a time to make justice a reality for all of our world’s children and a time to not overlook the urgency of the moment.
Fifty years later, the Snohomish County community comes together in unity to acknowledge how far we have marched and the urgency that lays before us. As members of the community, we all come together with complete gratitude and humility. Humbled by the caring spirits, the sense of “harambe” (Swahili for we all stand together), the warmth and welcoming of open doors and a profound sense of gratitude for a communal commitment towards equity, justice and a world fit for all.
As we stand here together tonight, let us recognize this also marks a time in the Snohomish County history, where so many organizations and institutions came together to plan such an event, recognizing the need and urgency for a more unified movement and stronger collaboration to truly meet the needs of all members of our community. Although we are here tonight to acknowledge a momentous time in history and honor a legacy, as we leave here, let us remember there is still a long way to go where true freedom and justice is lived by all and that will happen as we continue to stand together.
Snohomish County Remembers
The 1963 March on Washington
Video: “I Have a Dream”
Opening by EVCC Vice-President Sandra A. Fowler-Hill
Welcome-NAACP President Janice Greene
Snohomish County Executive John Lovick
Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson
Lynnwood Mayor Don Gough
Martin Creed
Yesterday’s Wisdom
Tulalip Tribes Chairman Mel Sheldon
The Honorable Carl Gipson
Today’s Focus
Feven Haile
Tomorrow’s Dreams
Angelina Karke
Martin Creed
Closing remarks Janice Greene
Video: “I Have a Dream”
Historic Timeline displays contributed by:
Georgia Payne, NAACP and Ahmaddiya Muslim Community

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