Hillary's story is an American story. One in three Americans report having been physically abused in the home as children. Hillary recorded her father brutally beating her with a belt, a video that was viewed by over 8,000,000. As a result, she appeared on Larry King, Dr. Phil and the Today Show. But in the end, her father was suspended with pay for a year, only to be reinstated as Family Judge in the Texas Courts. Hillary talks about the effects of growing up with spanking that eventually crossed over to "criminal" assault in her adolescence.

Is spanking a gateway to physical abuse? This film investigates the idea of a "fine line." Does spanking really alter brain development and make us more violent?

We’ve interviewed delinquent children, neuroscientists specializing in early brain development, and experts in the field of child abuse. We want to film parents who are enrolled in the Harlem Baby College and witness their own learning process and investigate their beliefs about spanking.

Our film seeks to answer, “Are children more aggressive today, because parents are too permissive and soft? Or is spanking actually a gateway to criminal child abuse and juvenile delinquency?”

Support our cause to raise awareness on the connection between spanking and child abuse at fundrazr.com/campaigns/6Z654

For more information: stopspanking.org

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