WaterLilly_Starter_Kit 2013 is a diy component conceived to allow everybody to grow his own small algae farm at home. The first two WaterLilly_Starter_Kit have been fabricated for the MakerFaire Europe Edition in Rome 3-6 October 2013 and exhibited with Demo_Lilly.

The Starter Kit is composed of a freely downloadable file that contains the lasercut dxf drawing of a box that can contain a small or a big plastic bottle of water, and a txt instructions file. All what you need to start your own algae culture is the kit file (download here), a 8 Euro aerator, a small pipe, some pure water (mineral water will do the job), a nutrients integrator, and an algae micro-pipette for inoculation. You can customize the kit by modifying the cutting file, adding reflective Mylar foil, LED lights, etc. During the MakerFaire in Rome, we distribute starting micro-pipettes of Chlorella (more info in the kit file).

Like the other components of the WaterLilly family, WaterLilly_Starter_Kit has been designed using open modelling software and produced using open digital manufacturing technology.

Download here (cesaregriffa.com/waterlilly/lilly_starter_kit_2013/), and enjoy!

conceived and designed by Cesare Griffa with Antonio Ravarino, Marco Mignone, Matteo Amela, Gianni Bruera, and Federico Rizzo, and fabricated with the support of Fablab Torino. Videos and pics by Marco Mignone & Federico Rizzo.

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