A tragic tale of a wife who tried to save her husband from a prison at Fort Warren in Boston Harbor.

For questions and inquires about the program, please email folklorist@newtv.org or visit folklorist.newtv.org. To see more episodes of The Folklorist, visit folklorist.newtv.org/watch/

A NewTV Original Program

Produced & Directed by Angela Harrer & Andrew Eldridge
Hosted by John Horrigan
Created by John Horrigan & NewTV
Executive Producer: Robert Kelly

Lindsay Nolin as "Melanie Lanier"
Michael Avellar as "Andrew Lanier"
Rob Tromp as "Colonel Justin Dimick"
Sam Thornley as "Gaurd"
Brian St. Loius as "Gaurs/ Union Soldier"
Zach Gillette as "WWII Soldier"

Writers: John Horrigan, Angela Harrer, and Andrew Eldridge
Edited by: Andrew Eldridge , Angela Harrer
Contributing Writers: Trevor Frederick, Shelby Levinson
Associate Producer: Melinda Garfield
Producer's Assistant: Katie Rubino
Assistant Editor: Shelby Levinson
Production Design: Angela Harrer, Steve Russo
Music and SFX: Kevin Macleod
Production Assistant: Sam Thornley

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