Sorry for the quality and continuity problems, was done at the spur of the moment for laugh and giggles. ^^;

This is a work of parody and it's protected under the first amendment. This video is not affiliated with Gravity.

Music and some sfx belong to Gravity Corporation.

Some other sfx (creative commons) was from
freqman: vinegar to baking soda with nr, object falls
incarnadie: gargle and spit
saugox: watersplash in glass pitcher
legato87: exaggerated drink and choke
robinehood76: 0144 bottle shake open 1
juskiddink: singing bowl 2
arnebuhmann: rec00031 bowl
husky70: coughing cough
shawnyboy: opening a soda bottle
ultradust: whiskey bottle opening
tobias sieben: opening bottle

The audio content in this video belongs to the respective recording artist. No money was exchanged in the making of this video and was purely done with the enjoyment and appreciation for the artist.

*You can comment in any language. Please note that if you want to ask me a question please ask me in English. Thank you. ^^; for extra stuff. ^^

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