Forever change is a live dialogue between different artists touching each other 's colors and mixing it to a forever changing performance.
Coming from different worlds we meet on one stage; an artist from Argentina, a dancer from Italy, a singer from Germany, a filmmaker from Israel and a designer from San Francisco. Yet we share the same sort of hopes; always busy with new and challenging adventures; a different life, a fulfilling future. We swim in the colors of our dreams and sometimes we drown deep in our inner vast see. We never ask for help. We feel strong but secretly we are also small and fragile like thin paper boats.
We multiply and change our shades constantly under passing through this magical and at times frustrated life.
Searching for our true colors.

Van Gogh and color

Colors play a pivotal role in Vincent van Gogh paintings; he used it as a language that denotes the secrets of his inner world. At the same time Van Gogh usage of color revels the secrets of nature in all its illuminated glory. The colors in the landscapes brushed by Van Gogh reveals a specific mood that might surprisingly pervaded in the act of painting.These lands of colors become ground for the video-collage and the deep emotion generates stimulations for the movements and the live performance

Forever change narrates a story through the navigation of Van Gogh´s straw hat, by the changing of seasons. The live performance includes collage, dancing ,singing, filmmaking and the backgrounds of Van Gogh paintings to communicate non-verbally between the different disciplines we are practicing together. Fours acts, from the dark winter to the light spring.

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