For my aunt's 40th birthday, we made a video of the 40 things she knows to be true at 40 years old.

Every tomorrow is a do-over.
No one expects me to be perfect.
Helping others feel like they matter makes me feel like I matter.
Coffee is good for my soul.
I am convinced that love wins.
In most cases, it is best to be the first to apologize.
Always remember a sweater.
I'm not as important as I think I am.
Asking for help is a good thing.
Breakfast is definitely the best meal of the day.
Life is practice.
Trust the process.
A good run will do wonders.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
All people are created equal.
I am not a good driver.
Others first is usually a great motto.
Sometimes all I need is a good deep breath.
The world needs more peacemakers.
Life is beautiful.
When in doubt, smile.
Help is on the way.
Completing a challenge feels good.
Life gets better with age.
Every day I'm given opportunities to love extravagantly.
If life seems too hard I probably just need a nap.
I have been loved well.
Whether or not I have a partner, when the music plays, I should dance.
Shaming and shoulding myself are never productive.
Show kindness whenever possible.
I'm stronger than I think I am.
Anticipation makes the party last longer.
A strong back leads to a soft front.
There is an Elvis song for all of life's best occasions.
I enjoy seeing the next trip on my calendar.
God is for me.
I do not know how to fold fitted sheets.
It really is okay if they see me sweat.
I want my life to be a song of celebration.
Although the first 40 years were great, the best is yet to come.

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