Like many I am a fan of the show Breaking Bad, and I in particular have been a fan of the sound design they have used throughout it. It becomes apparent immediately how much of the heavy lifting is done by just simply the sounds playing in the scene.

There was a scene in the first episode of the last series where "Walt" shows up at his old house, and there is this drone that I can only describe as a "terror drone", I was quite inspired by that sound in particular and its very dark, brooding nature when I was patching this morning and the resulting drone posted here is somewhat of my interpretation.

The modular for these kinds of sound effects is an absolutely perfect fit, and even just tweaking a few knobs of this particular patch yielded entirely different sub-sets of sounds that if I were multi tracking could easily have been recorded for half a dozen other things later.

The basis of the patch is using 3 oscillators, the first is the Frequency Central Waverider which I am using the Vdco output of.
There is also a pair of Doepfer oscillators (A111-1 and A110) with the former FMing the latter via the CV2 input.
The Pitch of the A111-1 is being modulated by a Noisering.

This sound then goes to an STG .MIX for a bit of "furry" overdrive, then onto a Doepfer A101-1 Vactrol multi filter (this really is an underestimated module!) then onto a Doepfer A131 Exp VCA, then onto an Audio Damage ADM02 Grainshift, from there into the 1st channel of a Doepfer A135-1 VCA/Mixer and then the Sum out goes to audio out.

I also take the A135-1 individual channel out from 1 and put it into an Audio Damage ADM01 Dub Jr with the mix set to full and return it on the 2nd input of the A135-1. I then take the 2 individual output and put it into the ADM03 Errorbox and return it on the 3rd channel.

The A131 VCA is set to open and is being closed by an inverted CV from Maths, this same CV (both the positive and negative) is split and modulating all parameters of the patch, from the Regen on the Dub jr to the pitch on the ADM02 and 2 of the filter CV ins on the A101-1.
The EOC out is what is clocking the Noisering.

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