The Key of Hope choir sings "IYo Yo Yo"
Lead singer Ashiphe Xhate


iYo Yo Yo ilelo iGama lenKosi
(That Name of the Lord)

iYo Yo Yo liyasindisa ilelogama lenKosi
(It saves us, that Name of the Lord)

iYo Yo Yo linamandla ilelogama lenKosi
(It is powerful, that Name of the Lord)

iYo Yo Yo likungcomeka ilelogama lenKosi
(It is worthy of praise, that Name of the Lord)

iYo Yo Yo kalibitso ilelogama lenKosi.
(A father is that Name of the Lord)

Kalibitso latante, kalibitso latante
(Our Father, our Father)

The day in the life
Boxwood and Jamaica are two squatter camps next to a sewage plant on the wealthy outskirts of Durban, South Africa where these kids live.

These kids are just 20 of 600 kids from the squatter camps who are weekly helped by

If this film moves you go to and see where the choir is singing in Michigan on their fundraising tour for a new building.

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