At the current rate of Elephants being slaughtered for their tusks to make 'Ivory'- it is forecasted that we could see the end of wild elephants across Africa in less than a decade. WILD is a film about the life of Elephants behind the Ivory Trade and Poaching Crisis in Kenya. What is happening to these keepers of the earth, what happens to the earth when there are no more keepers, and what is being done to protect the lives of these magical sentient beings. We hear from Julius- an elephant keeper at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphan's nursery in Nairobi, Nick Trent- DSWT's pilot working together with The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in Kenya's massive Tsavo National Park and the many elephants that have taken refuge at the DSWT as they physically and emotionally rehabilitate to return to the wild where the land has become a battlefield between man and nature.

The time to act is now - and there is so much we can do.

Begin by getting involved here: A campaign of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)

iWorry is organizing marches around the world to urge world leaders to stop poaching, stop the trade and stop the demand. It is time for a COMPLETE BAN on the international and domestic trade in ivory. It is time to invest more resources into wildlife protection at a field level, to strengthen penalties for those involved in the ivory trade, to heighten security at ports and borders and to invest in educational efforts to stop the demand for ivory.

You can help too by donating online to support the orphans rehabilitation process and the anti-poaching efforts of DSWT. This is the beginning of restoring our connection to our home- the earth- and maintaining a safe wilderness for elephants to survive.

Directed by Village Beat
Produced by RYOT
Cliff Martinez, "I Drive" (from the original motion picture soundtrack of Drive).
Darkside, "Heart" (from Psychic, released Oct. 8, 2013).

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