This is a 50’s style animated commercial, but set in 1964 (the vintage dialogue track is from a real 1956 commercial). The animation transitions from classic to a more modern look and feel after things go awry in the studio during filming.

Almost everything in this animation was created in TBA PLE, specifically for this contest. The character’s hands were kindly provided by Justin, as were the shrubs in the background. The trees and weeds are stock imports from Illustrator, and the insignia’s for the Chevy were pulled off of photos of the real thing - mostly. Both scenes were designed and composited (tones, highlights, glows, etc.) in TBA PLE as well.

The whole animation was created on the same timeline; not the proper approach I realize now. Each shot was exported as a separate QuickTime movie (17 in all), then imported into and rendered with After Effects, where the text was added.

This is my first attempt at animation with professional grade animation software. Unfortunately, it’s also my first time doing a project in any Toon Boom app. So, more energy went into learning and troubleshooting than animating. I’m hooked in any case!! ;-)

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