Filmed at South London Gallery, England in 2001
Premiere September 15th 2000 - Arsenic, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Third series of ’distinguished pieces’.
Duration: 60min

Written and Directed: La Ribot. Performer: La Ribot. Lighting Design & Sound Design: Daniel Demont. Soundtrack Recording: Clive Jenkins. Music: Belmonte by Carles Santos, Moral Morph and Jealous Guy by LB / Atom tm, Max by Paolo Conte, 55 291 by Velma. Editing Assistant: Stéphane Noel. An Artsadmin associated project (London). Produced by La Ribot -36 Gazelles (London) in co-production with Théâtre de La Ville (Paris). Supported by INAEM Ministerio de Educación y Cultura (Spain), London Arts Board (UK), Dance4, Body Space Image and Future Factory (Nottingham). In collaboration with the distinguished proprietors.

Distinguished pieces titles (by order of appearance):

n34 Pa amb tomàquet - distinguished proprietors Gerald Siegmund (Frankfurt)

n30 Candida iluminaris - distinguished proprietors Victor Ramos (Paris)

n28 Outsized baggage - distinguished proprietors Matthieu Doze (Paris)

n27 Another Bloody Mary - distinguished proprietors Lois Keidan and Franko B. (London)

n29 Chair 2000 - distinguished proprietors Arsenic (Lausanne)

n31 de la Mancha - distinguished proprietors R.B. - Jerome Bel (Paris)

n32 Zurratada - distinguished proprietors Arteleku (San Sebastian)

n33 S liquide - distinguished proprietors Galería Soledad Lorenzo (Madrid)

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