Meet the people you don't often get to see - those at the start of the supply chain. Tom and John are farmers who clip sheep during the summer season as a second job. It's hard, hot work but they make it look easy. Between them they will clip around 14,000 sheep over 2 months. In this short extract they begin the first day of the season.

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Addicted to Sheep is an intimate portrait of a year in the life of a tenant farming family who live 1300 feet above sea level in Upper Teesdale.

Nothing about their lives seems easy, but with passion and dedication Tom, Kay and their 3 young children (Jack, Esme and Hetty) aspire to succeed in this beautiful, but also harsh landscape.

Although sometimes life may seem like the survival of the fittest, with the parent’s positive approach to life and the children’s maturity, we learn to reconnect with the people behind the landscape and value the importance of small communities and family life.

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