0:00:00 • Hellos, intros, and prayer.

0:04:02 • Should moral chaos in America make us panic?

0:09:15 • Should moral chaos in America make us passive?


0:16:06 • Douglas Wilson’s position on slavery and racial reconciliation.

0:21:10 • John Piper’s takeaways from Wilson and Thabiti Anyabwile’s 111-page blog discussion on slavery and race.

0:22:53 • Six reasons the risk of partnering with Wilson is worth it for Piper.

0:26:55 • Wilson on whether his presence jeopardizes racial reconciliation.

0:30:12 • Wilson on the Anyabwile debate.

0:31:57 • The backstory behind Wilson’s book Black and Tan.

0:36:42 • Piper on making emotional connections in reconciliation.

0:39:20 • Piper on growing up in segregated Greenville, SC.

0:40:38 • Wilson on growing up in segregated Annapolis, MD.

0:42:58 • Wilson: The key to all reconciliation is God-centeredness.

0:45:50 • Wilson: We need to receive hard truths from African American brothers, and be willing to offer them.

0:46:56 • Why do African American Christians vote for pro-abortion politicians?

0:54:48 • Abortion as the slavery of the 20th century.

0:58:26 • Is the slavery/abortion link insensitive?


1:03:02 • Do you care about your reputation in debates? And how should Christian leaders address controversies (bold offending, cowardly retreating, non-offending edification)?

1:16:13 • Where is our culture on homosexuality? Where is it headed?

1:17:48 • Wilson: The central problems of culture are worship problems.

1:23:02 • Piper: How to be an effective idol-blasting Christian.

1:24:33 • Piper: I don’t know where culture is going. Collapse? Revival?

1:26:01 • Wilson: God’s kingdom progresses from triumph to triumph via apparent disasters (the cross).

1:28:06 • Why Piper avoids sodomy language in the homosexual debate.

1:35:06 • Why Wilson uses sodomy language in the homosexual debate.

1:39:48 • How to attack cultural apostles of homosexuality without alienating Christians struggling with same-sex attractions.

1:45:22 • Piper: Be slow to judge the heart of a Christian speaking online.


1:47:35 • If persecution is coming to America, how should the Church ready herself?

1:53:26 • Piper closes in prayer.

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