Doing and learning is a cyclic process. That is, people learn during their work experience, and what they learn can be applied to their practice. Knowledge evolves during the process. People not only learn individually, but also collectively in a team working environment. This proposed talk presents a model of collective learning in team working environment, which is developed through my PhD research work. Collective learning is referred to how a group of team members interact with and learn from each other. A collective learning activity can be modelled as elements of input knowledge, learned knowledge, learning goal, rational trigger, and learning operators. These elements are linked with and interact with elements of a team activity (including input knowledge, output knowledge, and goal). Different forms of collective learning have been identified, e.g. one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-tomany learning, assisted, joint learning, etc. The model is then applied to an agile software development environment to reveal the nature of collective learning in such an environment, based upon my past six years’ working experience as a software developer in a large international investment bank. The explanation of collective learning is illustrated with concrete industrial examples. The proposed talk is then concluded with some guidelines, aiming to enhance agile software development practices. In summary, the aims of this proposed talk include.

Revealing the nature of collective learning in an agile software development environment.
Serving a foundation to develop new guidelines, tools, and processes to support agile practices.
Facilitating agile methodology practitioners (e.g. product owners, scrum masters, developers, business analyst, testers and business users) to reflect and rethink their current practices and to gain insights on how to run their agile team more effectively and efficiently.
Providing some guidelines to enhance agile software development.

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