A film about real life.

In late July I found myself driving from Colorado back to Arkansas for the 3rd time in 2 months, so it's easy to say things were a little crazy for me. The second I skipped over the state line, the sky opened up. Rain fell so hard that passing cars were reduced to fuzzy lights bobbing across my windshield as I made my way through the back roads of the Ouachita mountains. Within minutes, trickling streams became brown muddy rivers and low water bridges turned into risky crossings (a few of which almost stranded me.) I've always enjoyed the rain, the pace it creates, and the atmosphere that it seems to pour over a seemingly familiar world, beckoning you to slow down and acknowledge it. As kayakers, we seem to see things differently than most people. We see the clouds come in, get that fresh storm smell in our noses, and cross our fingers for the chance to load up the boats, rally the troops, and head to the river. Rain becomes opportunity.

This footage was shot with no intention of making it into this film. You won't see a shot for every part of this story, but I hope that you can feel the story that is there. Good friends, beautiful Arkansas scenery, and appreciating the things right in front of you, that is what this film is about.

Locations in order: Ozark National Forest, backroads near Hope, AR, Little Missouri River, and Rockport whitewater park of the Ouachita River in Malvern, AR

Music: Amos Lee - Black River facebook.com/amoslee

Please enjoy,

Brent Williamson


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