RECALLING 9823626429
Diptej Vernekar

Recalling 9823626429 is a work of art that speaks about a kind of situation we all get trapped in at different times. There is a kind of fear developed behind the pleasant romantic tone in the modern world of mobiles. It is a sense of anxiety which has been developed due to some horrible situation we have encountered in the past and which gets transmitted into traces of calls. Mobile ringtones are fascinating to all yet they also become tones of warning. It is the uncertainty of a call which breaks you down every single time. Even though these calls are normally pleasant, they make us attentive. These calls become alarming especially during bad situations. They have happened to me and I feel it is so with all of us.

The work is more about the experience encountered where these objects, sounds and ambience correlate with each other. It is more about the experience to be experienced, the uncertain moments, and the kind of anxiety and fear that develops within the space where you become a part as well as a cause of it.

RECALLING 9823626429
Diptej Vernekar


Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication
University of Hyderabad

August 2013

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