Been spending a lot of time trying to get my EOS-M / 22mm pancake to work well in non-crop mode. Too much moire. Was also having focus-pixel (pink dots) issues. Giving up on that lens for now.

Interested in the Canon EF-M 11-22mm, which would work great in crop mode, but worried about ML "shutter bug" with EF-M lenses. Had to see for myself. Got another EOS-M with 18-55mm EF-M lens for $350 (assume new EOS-M coming out soon). The image stabilization works great! And I haven't had the shutter-bug, so that might be solved in the latest ML builds.

If only Canon sold the 11-22mm EF-M at a fire-sale price in the U.S. :)

I shot this, ran it through Rewind's latest version of PDR, then created a Cineform .MOV using RAWanizer, then to Vegas Studio, added a touch of sharpening and contrast, and then to VIMEO.

I love the look of 16mm film and am thrilled to have a camera I can fit in my fanny-pack. It takes great photos and H.264 video too (with a mic input and exposure lock too).

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