Leaving Hollywood CA at 5 am and driving straight through to Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood arriving 37hrs later.

37hrs that included a 500 mile side trip to drive the Million Dollar HWY in Colorado, well worth it. I had finished driving Route 66 for a movie I directed vimeo.com/60922445 and was trying to get back to see a couple friend who I had done my first "Cannon Ball Run" with while they were in town.

Driving a Volvo V70R, which is the ultimate stealth vehicle, equipped with radar/lazer detection, hotspot/speed trap/speed cam enabled GPS, and police scanner, speeds of up to 130mph were sustained with no tickets, citations or warnings from the authorities. I do want to apologize to the Porsche Turbo driver who saw it necessary to draft me NASCAR style at 115 mph for 40 miles, I only hit my brakes because the Valentine One was going crazy over the laser detection up ahead, didn't mean for you to have to swerve and speed away...the Utah State Trooper in his Mustang GT500 must have enjoyed the chase and that ticket had to have sucked.

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