I hand painted this multi-colored large canvas Mural Painting 54” x 79”- then shot video segments with stop action scenes. In this animation of motion graphics rigged Scholar Ladies they dance in a forest of dotted falling snow with swaying forest shapes. These floating scholar ladies magically appear in this staged winter landscape as they swoon and dance their way through a metamorphosis of expressive trees, These lady scholars navigate and then disappear (morphing) through winter’s monochromatic white and grey freezing muted climate changes. As Winter changes into spring the conveying message of nature’s ultimate beauty is experienced in the abstractions of the moving dots and linear tree forms. Even with everyday pollution the snow and frozen figures bring a meditation with open elements of space and time.Feel the organic sound compositions by Lorin Roser. Experimental composed computer score which bring out the magic of this mythical journey. This Animation is like a surrealistic sojourn into a search for meaning in nature's experimental anachronistic world as we imitate traditional timeless Asian scholars that escape back into Nature’s Zen retreat.
This is a Video visualization of rhapsodic animated images and sound narratives . This is part of a continuing series of existing works of 3-D videos and vignettes. Humbly this work was received as audiences are drawn serene captivating 3-D non-commercial films as I am offering an experimental poetic approach to animation. 1 min. 30 sec. video loop

Collection: Brooklyn Museum, NYC, Library of Congress, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France, Franklin Furnace Archives, NY –MOMA, NYC, Asian Artworks, Inc., Chicago Art Institute Library, Women's Graphic Center, Los Angeles, Samuel Dorsky Museum, SUNY New Paltz, NY, Martha Wilson, Cindy Sherman

Electronica Performance with Elliott Sharp- curator, WhiteBox, NYC
Larry Litt, Improv, Emily Harvey Gallery, NYC
Zen Loopology with Jason Hwang, Bowery Poetry – 3D animations
Tang Loopology, Flushing Town Hall
Robot Noise Ensemble, Puffin Room- video

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