For the run-up to the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII, the Host Committee was looking to create an engaging, interactive experience that would help recreate a real ‘game’ experience for their "Join The Huddle Tour". Helios created 2 games.

The first game, "Speed and Agility Challenge", allowed consumers to use gestures and movement to ‘return’ a kickoff. Helios would track their movements (leaning left, leaning right, jumping, and stiff-arming), as users would receive a kickoff and guide their avatar down-field, trying to avoid tacklers and score a touchdown in the shortest amount of time.

The second experience, "You Make The Call", put participants in the shoes of a referee. Using the actual physical motions and poses of NFL umpires, consumers would view a play, and be asked what the appropriate call would be. If their pose matched up correctly, their score would increase. A speed bonus would be awarded for time spent making calls.

These displays are touring the Tri-state area, visiting over 40 locations in the four months leading up to the Super Bowl.

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