Here's a quick test of an inexpensive 4' jib by ePhotoInc. Note: This is not a formal product review or demo, and these shots are far from flawless. Any wobble or shakes you see in these shots are due to my limited experience with the jib, and not flaws in the jib's design or construction.

This jib will support most DSLR cameras and small video cameras, but requires a fairly strong tripod for support. This is not suitable for large "professional" video cameras. The jib comes with a quick release system and two plates (short and long), a panning base (fluid?), a lever to lock the vertical position (handy when adding the camera and counterweights or changing lenses). They include a generic sandbag counterweight, but that may swing around when the jib is moved, causing unwanted movement. Instead, I use inexpensive lifting weights (about $2 each at a sporting good store).

The jib and two small weights fit into the included carrying bag, which is smaller than a tennis racket length's and width, but slightly deeper. This is a very portable jib, and perfect for traveling. This is the aluminum version, but ePhotoInc also offers a carbon fiber version for $50 more.

The build quality is surprisingly good for such an inexpensive product, and I'm confident it will last for a few years of serious use with proper handling. Fully extended, there is some flexing with the tubes, but I think this would be true with any jib. If you reduce the extended length slightly and fully tighten the twist connectors, the jib feels quite stable with my GH3. If you need a longer reach or use a heavier camera, you might consider the Aviator Travel jib, or the Kessler jib.

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